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The Voices In My Head Are Back... 

The Voices In My Head... by DragonFan656

And I'm Trying To Do Something But They Make Me Literarily So Tired
When Its Night My Brain Thinks That Its Day But Its Not Day Its Night
But When Its Day I'm So Tired And My Brain Thinks That Its Night
All This Is Because I Have So Many Stress And When I Have Stress That Voices Try To Break My Mind 
And I Have Medication But I Need One Of The Pills But Stronger 
And When I Have No Medication I Can't Stay Awake I Get Horrible Thoughts And I Don't Wanna Talk Or Do Something
And Sometimes The Doctor Of My Medications Will Try Sometimes And Look How I React How It Go's When I Have a Week Not One Of The Pills 
And I Said The Last Time That I Had a Lot Of Stress 
And I Got a Lot Of Thoughts In My Mind And I Can't Stop That I Even Dreamed About That
And Every Time When I Had So Many Thoughts In My Head There Was Screaming Of That Voices In My Head Even When I Dreamed
But That All Was Because I Didn't Have That One Pill 
I Have It Now But It Is Not Strong Enough Anymore So I Need To Talk To That Doctor Again So I Get a Stronger Pill
But The Terrible Thing Is I Need To Wait 2 Weeks And Then I Can Go To That! :'(
And I'm Drawing Something Rights Now But Its So Hard To Stay By The Drawing 
Its Not a Hard Pose But Its Hard When I'm Tired And My Head Hurts Of All That Thoughts But I'm Trying So Hard As I Can! 

Tyrannosaurus-Rulez Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Student Filmographer
Oh No I hope you're okay buddy.
RacheleStone Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Oh no I'm sorry to hear that bud I hope it gets better soon
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